SigInt for the Masses: Building and Using a Signals Intelligence Platform for Less than $150 Sat, 1 Jun 2019 12:00pm (50m) Track 3

“Who said something? What did they say? Where did they say it? What can I do with it?” These are the questions people have when working with unknown radio systems. This is the art and science of Signals Intelligence (SigInt).

We discuss the basic requirements for working with SigInt, along with a sample platform using a Raspberry Pi and a RTLSDR radio receiver. The discussion will then briefly touch on other hardware that can enable SigInt work, that are not incorporated in the demo platform. We then dive into the software stack that makes SigInt work.

The following software will be used: Linux (Raspbian), RPITX, RTLSDR libraries, GnuRadio (gr-inspector), GQRX, and other accompanying tools. We will use FCC ID’s, manual scanning of spectrum, and gr-inspector to find and target potentially vulnerable frequencies and protocols as well as show how exploits could commence. We will attempt a live demo of such an attack using a system the presenter brings in.

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Josh Conway Bloomington, IN

Josh Conway is a hacker, systems administrator, 3d printer software & hardware developer, amateur radio operator, musician, and more. He finds interest in creating new things, reusing tech in different ways, and abusing ‘unintended’ methodologies hidden inside hardware and software.

He is a member of BloomingLabs, the first hackerspace in Indiana, along with the cat-wrangler for the local 2600 meeting. Previous projects include: 3Dollar Scanner, Facial Recognition for your Con, and Thalmic Myo Open Sourcing via Public Hacking.

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